Feb 10, 2020:The installer for Mac has been updated to work on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)

April 5, 2016: Crystal for the Mac and PC has been updated to version 2.5.6. This minor update increases the number of parameters that are available for automation from your DAW application. Click on the Download tab above to go to the download page.

Nov 4, 2015: Crystal has been updated to version 2.5.4. This update adds patch bank drag and drop for import/export and adds "Show Crystal Folder" to the Utility menu. For a demonstration of drag and drop import/export, watch this demonstration video. Click on the Download tab above to go to the download page.

Oct 18, 2014: Crystal has been updated to version This update is only for Macintosh users and provides compatibility with OSX 10.10. Click on the Download tab above to go to the download page.

Aug 9, 2012: Crystal is compatible with OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. The OSX installer for Crystal is signed and is compatible with the new Gatekeeper feature in OSX 10.8.

Dec 13, 2010: Crystal goes 64 bit! With version 2.5.0, Crystal is now available as a 64 bit plugin on both Windows and OSX. The OSX installer installs both Audio Unit and VST plugins which are capable of 32 or 64 bit. The Windows download includes both 32 and 64 VST versions, so you can put the appropriate one in your plugins folder.

Jan 14, 2006: Crystal is now available for Intel Macintoshes. Download 2.4.9d from the download page. This Universal Binary version works for both PPC and Intel Macintoshes.

Mar 8, 2005: The new Crystal interface is now available for Mac OSX VST Users. You find this update on the download page.

Nov 18, 2004: Crystal has a new look! The user interface has been redesigned for a cleaner and sharper appearance. Download the latest version of Crystal. Note the version number for Crystal has not changed in this update since only the appearance has changed. Also note this update is only available for Windows VST and Mac AU users, the Mac VST version will come later.

Oct 11, 2004: The audio unit version of Crystal has been updated for Logic 7 compatibility. Visit the download page to download it.

Dec 20, 2003: Computer Music Magazine has a special issue out, titled "Get Professional", which has an article which features 20 tips and tricks for Crystal.

Oct 6, 2003: Tim Conrardy has been drawing raves for his Crystal patch banks. They are now on the Patches page. Get them here.

Sept 10, 2003: Future Music magazine has included Crystal in its showdown of the best 12 soft synths in its September issue. In the article, Crystal is described as a "masterpiece of software synthesis."

August 6, 2003: The August issue of Electronic Musician contains an article about music freeware and includes a section about Crystal. That section begins with: "Green Oak Software's Crystal is an amazing soft synth, with stunning sound quality, that stands up well against any commercial soft synth regardless of price." You can find the entire article at the Electronic Musician site.

July 24, 2003: Crystal 2.4 is here. Find the details on the Download page to see what's new and to download it.

June 18, 2003: Crystal 2.3 is here. Visit the Download page to see what's new and to download it.

May 17, 2003: Congratulations to Jose Luis Iguarbe and Jon Shapiro, the authors of the first and second place winners in the Crystal patch contest. You can download their winning entries on the Patch page.

May 1, 2003: Create a Crystal patch and win a copy of Spectrasonics Trilogy or Stylus! See the details here.

Apr 15, 2003: Tutorials, we've got tutorials. All the tutorials from the Crystal users group have been collected and are now available on the User Guide page.

Mar 1, 2003: Crystal is now available as an Audio Unit. If you are a Logic 6 user on OSX, you can now use Crystal. Get the Audio Unit version of Crystal on the Download page.

Feb 10, 2003: Crystal 2.2 is now available for download and it has a host of new features. You can find descriptions of the new features and download it on the Download page.

Jan 26, 2003: There is now a Crystal discussion group at yahoo. Join this group to learn more about Crystal and to share ideas and patches with other Crystal users. Click here to join the Crystal discussion group..

Jan 1, 2003: Crystal 2.1 is here. You can download it from the download page.

Dec 15, 2002: EQ Magazine this month contains a review of Crystal, written by Craig Anderton. Among his comments: "It's utterly amazing that something of this depth and sound quality is available for free.".

Nov 15, 2002: Crystal 2.0 is here. It is only available on the cover CD that accompanies issue #54 of Computer Music magazine. You can learn what's new in version 2.0 here.

Nov 1, 2002: Crystal is Electronic Musician magazine's download of the month. The review is available on-line here.

Oct 22, 2002: Check out issue #53 of Computer Music magazine. It contains an article about making atmospheric pads with Crystal.

Oct 20, 2002: Hay una prueba de Crystal aqui (Hispasonic.com), con entrevista.

Oct 17, 2002: The User Guide has been extensively overhauled and is now up-to-date with version 1.5. Click on "User Guide" above.

Oct 12, 2002: If you've ever wondered what I look like or what kinds of things I say, check out the interview with me at OSXAudio.com

Oct 6, 2002: The second user bank is now available for download. This contains a boatload of new patches for Crystal. Click on "Patches" above to go to the download page.

Sep 19, 2002: Version 1.5 is now available. Here's the description of what's new in 1.5. To download it, click "Download" section above.

Aug 29, 2002: Sound on Sound magazine has a review of Crystal in their August issue. Visit their August issue and scroll down past the "Plugin news" to find Paul Sellars' review of Crystal.

Aug 25, 2002: Version 1.4 is now available. Here's the description of what's new in 1.4. To download it, click on "Download" above.

Jul 19, 2002: The Info page has a new tutorial, Fun With Formants, that shows you how to get human vowel sounds with Crystal. It includes a bank of vocal-sounding patches. Click on "Info" above to go to the Info page.

Jun 25, 2002: Version 1.3 is now available. Here's the description of the new features in 1.3.

Jun 13, 2002: The first user bank is now available for download. Click on "Patches" above to go to the download page.

May 21,2002: The first Crystal tutorial, an introduction to editing patches, is now available. You'll find it in the "Info" area (Click on "Info" above).

May 15, 2002: Version 1.2 is now available. Here's the description of the new features in 1.2.