Roland GP-100 Web Site

The Roland GP-100 is a guitar preamp/processor that emulates the characteristics of tube amplifiers. The GP-100 uses Roland's new proprietary Composite Object Sound Modeling (COSM) technology to offer unprecedented versatility including amplifier modeling, speaker configuration, mic modeling and more. The computer modeling that COSM employs is far more effective than traditional tube emulation which uses transistors, and can truly sound like a variety of tube amps. The built-in multi-effects processor may be used to produce up to 16 effects simultaneously, including intelligent pitch shifting, flanger, phase shifter, reverb, etc.

This web site contains information of use to GP-100 owners or anyone who is interested in learning more about the GP-100. If you're new to the GP-100. see the general information. If you have a GP-100, see the patches section for interesting new patches you can download into your GP-100. In either case, see the mailing list section for information about contacting other GP-100 owners.