User Guide

Because Crystal Desktop and Crystal Mobile are similar in features, the user guide for the desktop version may be used for the mobile version as well. Just keep in mind the few differences between the two described below. You can find the Crystal User Guide here.


    Here is the first Crystal video tutorial, a brief overview of the basics of using Crystal on an iPad.

Patch Sharing with Crystal Synth XT:

    Using patch sharing, you can create sounds with the mobile version of Crystal when away from your studio to be used later with the desktop version. Or use the desktop version in the studio to create sounds which you can use in the mobile version for live performance.

    The simplest way to share patches is to use Dropbox: Put your Crystal patch bank files (.fxb files) into your Dropbox folder here: /Apps/CrystalSynth/CrystalPatchBanks. This stores them in the cloud so all your devices can share access to these patch banks. To access the patch banks stored in the cloud: press the Dropbox icon in Crystal Synth XT and choose a bank to be loaded from the list.

    To save the current bank to dropbox, choose "Save Current Patch Bank" at the end of the menu. It will be saved as a patch bank named CrystalPatches.fxb. If there is already a CrystalPatches.fxb it will be named CrystalPatches(2).fxb, etc. To rename or delete a patch bank after it has been saved, use the dropbox web site to manage your shared files.

    When loading a patch bank from dropbox, the current patch bank will be backed up to CrystalPatchesBackup.fxb, so you don't have to worry about losing your patches.

    If you won't have internet access when you'll be accessing your patch banks on your device, no problem. Just watch the following video tutorial to see how to use iTunes file sharing to put your .fxb patch bank files directly on your device and you'll have them with you no matter where you go. Access the locally stored patch bank files by tapping the list icon in Crystal Synth XT.

Audio Recording Instructions for Crystal Synth XT:

    Crystal Synth XT supports both IAA and Audiobus for recording into other apps. For some apps IAA works best, for others Audiobus works best. You may need to experiment with both to find what works best for your situation.

    Watch this video to see how to record Crystal Synth XT into a music recording app like GarageBand using Inter App Audio:

    Watch this video to see how to record Crystal Synth XT into a music recording app like Cubasis using Audiobus.

Virtual MIDI/Background Audio Instructions for Crystal Synth XT:

    Crystal Synth XT supports multitasking, permitting you to put it in the background while using another app to play the sounds in Crystal. To do this, use the Settings app to turn on the Crystal Synth XT Background Audio setting. With this enabled, Crystal will continue to run when put in the background by pressing the home button on your iphone or ipad. While running in the background, Crystal will respond to apps capable of virtual midi such as Genome or StepPolyArp. For example, you can select a sound in Crystal, put it in the background, then launch StepPolyArp to play Crystal.

    To end Crystal Synth XT playing in the background, double tap your device's home button, locate the Crystal Synth XT icon in the lower pane, press and hold it until the red "-" button appears, then tap the red "-" button.


    To reduce the time lag between pressing a note and hearing the sound, use the Settings app to turn on the Crystal Synth XT Low Latency setting. Note that Low Latency mode requires more processor power. Insufficient processor power may result in audio drop outs or glitches.


  • No sound on IPad
    Crystal obeys the mute setting on your iPad. So if you're not hearing any sound, check to make sure you have your volume turned up and make sure your mute button (next to the volume button) is not turned on.
  • Reboot
    It is sometimes necessary to reboot your iPad or iPhone after installing an audio app before you'll hear sound. If you're not getting any sound, try rebooting: Hold down the power button until you see the "Slide to power off" message. Slide the slider to turn it off. Then turn it back on.


For technical assistance, contact us by email: crystalsynth at

Runs on both iPad and iPhone

The mobile version runs on both the iPad and the iPhone. Because of the limited screen space on the iPhone however, the editing pages are not available when running on that device. But on the iPhone you can still browse sounds, play notes from the keypad, create sounds on the Create/Design page, and create new sounds with the Breed feature on the Create/Breed page.

Differences between desktop and mobile versions of Crystal

The mobile version lacks only the following features compared to the desktop version:
  • Utility menu with functions such as layer copying.
  • Soundfont import
  • Effects presets
  • Advanced envelope editing features such as move locked
The mobile version adds the following features compared to the desktop version:
  • Dropbox access to patch banks
  • A keypad and a keyboard for triggering notes
  • An audition button for playing a note while editing
  • Pinch and zoom the envelope displays